Design Process

Every job is different. If a client purely needs advice on a single window treatment, then just a few samples of fabric can shown to the client along with a couple of sketches of curtain or blind designs for their approval.

However more often than not a great deal of planning and research is required for a given project. This is when design boards are used as a tool to convey ideas to the client. The Sample Board is probably the most useful presentation board - it will give the client a very clear idea of the proposed scheme as it has the actual materials mounted and shown in the right proportions to each other. It is an effective visual representation of a room as it will show the blend of fabrics for window treatments and upholstery, the flooring, the wall treatments and the lighting. At this stage nothing is set in concrete so the scheme can easily be tweeked until perfection is achieved.

The Furniture Board is an extension of the Sample Board and will give a graphic interpretation of the style achieved by the mix of furniture and accessories. Again actual samples are used. This board may incorporate a floor plan showing where the suggested furniture could be positioned within the room.


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